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Articles by Bill Neeley.

Historical Articles About Quanah Parker and His Family

"These sketches about the life and times of Quanah Parker are designed to provide readers with highlights of the great chief's life. Over the course of time, folklore has often supplanted facts in the telling of Quanah's story. These short sketches are based upon archival evidence and interviews of Comanche elders and Parker family members. As Quanah would say, it is history straight up."
— Bill Neeley, author of The Last Comanche Chief: The Life and Times of Quanah Parker.

  1. "From Cynthia Ann to Nadua: Becoming Comanche"
  2. "Growing Up Comanche: The Making of a Blue-Eyed Warrior"
  3. "Orphan Warrior: Quanah's Rise to Power"
  4. "Military Genius: Quanah and the Battle of Blanco Canyon"
  5. "Quanah: Leader of the 1874 Attack on Adobe Walls"
  6. "Quanah Not in Battle of Palo Duro Canyon; Horses Killed in Tule Canyon"
  7. "Mackenzie's Messenger to Quanah"
  8. "Quanah Parker: Chief of the Comanches"
  9. "Comanche Trail of Tears: The Way to Fort Sill"
  10. "Quanah, Cattle Barons, and Grass Leases"
  11. "Star House: Quanah's Mansion"
  12. "Diplomacy in the Wichitas"
  13. "Frontier Legends: Colonel Charles Goodnight and Comanche Chief Quanah Parker"
  14. "Nadua's Return to the Wichitas: Her Reburial and Quanah's Death"
  15. NEW: "Quanah's Greatest Challenge"
  16. NEW: "Passes to Freedom"